Case studies

Simmons crane hire replacing rooftop chillers

Below are some examples of Simmons crane hire and plant movement jobs

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Vital – Kidbrooke, South London

This particular part of the project was to offload and position all the plant required for the District Heating Scheme Energy Centre comprising of thermal stores, CHP’s and boilers.  The plantroom floor was 3m below ground level and all plant had to be posted and lowered through a small opening.  In addition to this type of plant we also transported, offloaded and positioned electrical equipment such as transformers and switchgear. 

Plant room opening in Kidbrooke Offloading plant in South London Plant manouvering in South London Heavy lifting of plant in Kidbrooke Offloading District Heating Scheme Energy Centre equipment Plant movement in Kidbrooke Heavy lifting in South London

Optimum Group - 500te crane in Grosvenor Crescent W1, London

The scope of this work was to dismantle and lift down two cooling towers on two consecutive weekends. We elected to use the 500te crane using its full compliment of fixed fly to give us the radius required.

500te crane in Grosvenor Crescent W1 Removing cooling towers in W1 London

Southend Hospital - Plant delivery and positioning

Clarke Energy (Southend) - Scope was to transport and position a number of items of plant for the new energy centre at Southend Hospital. Types of plant installed were PHE's, fuel tanks, vessels, chillers, switchboards and the photos show the delivery of the generator. The generator positioning could have been challenging due to its dimensions and the room available but with proper planning and measuring prior to the work it was installed within 30 minutes.

Generator hoisting @ Southend Hospital Limited access to position generator Challenging dimension of access @ Southend Hospital for generator delivery Generator installed in 30 minutes

Printing machinery move in Suffolk

Inktec - We work closely with this company moving their printing machinery. For this job the client had to cut a hole in the wall to allow access, it was then up to us to get the machinery up, through and into its final position.

Hole cut by client to allow access Narrow entry for printing machinery move Gantry lifting printing press at Inktec, Suffolk Limited room for gantry hoist and final positioning of machinary

Onsite modification required on risers at Kings Cross

Shepherd Engineering Services, London - The photos depict us lifting into place 54 sections of modular riser and fixing them through the floors and into their final position. Some of the risers had to be modified by our fabrication team on site after acquiring approval from the manufacturer and client, to allow them to be lifted and fixed safely.

Lifting of one of 54 risers Riser lifted and placed through floor Lowering a modified riser into position at Kings Cross Riser placement into steelframe Fixing riser within steel framework Initial hoist of client approved modified riser

Shelley Engineering - 10te Kato City crane lifts metal ship masts

Great Ormond Street Hospital - The scope for this work was to collect from the manufacturer 2 metal 'ship's masts', transport to site at the Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children and crane into position using our 10te Kato City crane. Our crane was designed for this type of working environment and performed impeccably. The riggers had to use a chain hoist and the crane hook to orientate the masts to correct angle to allow them to be fixed.

10te Kato City crane hoisting metal masts Crane at Great Ormond Street Childrens Hospital

JCA - 200te crane lift of AHU's in Slough

JCA (Slough) - We have been working with JCA since their inception installing many different types of equipment. This work was to lift a number of AHU's into position. We used a  200te crane for this project in Slough as we were not allowed to site the crane in the road whereby the size would have been significantly reduced. The crane therefore set up at the rear of the building meaning that it had a considerable radius and was at the upper end of its capacity.

AHU hoist onto roof with 200te crane Crane setup at upper end of capacity with large radius

Successful negotiations with Transport for London on simple lift

Cuffe (Southwark) - This work only involved lifting steelwork up to the roof so that a further two floors could be built. This was a simple job however complicated by the fact that the work was in Borough High Street required temporary traffic lights and conflicted with 4 other road closures. Due to this we spent about 8 weeks meeting with TFL and the other parties to combine our efforts to reduce the local impact. TFL's demands did effect the programme however we were able to negotiate reduced fees which went someway to compensating the client.

Temporary traffic lights required @ Borough High Street Steelwork lifted to roof Simple lift complicated by TFL requirements

Assisting COMES hoisting electrical panels in Croydon

Beddington Incinerator - We were employed by an Italian company, COMES, to crane up and move electrical panels of various sizes and weights. Whilst on-site we were also able to assist KONE cranes with the installation of one of their gantry cranes as the operation required specialist knowledge of fleeting a load using a crane, chain-hoists and tirfors.

Offloading electrical panels from lorry Hoisting within limited space @ Beddington Incinerator, Croydon

AVK - Hoisting generators & ancillary equipment into basement of LDP Farringdon Road

Islington, EC1 - We had already delivered the fuel tanks for this project at LDP Farringdon Road so the scope for this part of the project was to offload and position 4no. 20te generators and there ancillary equipment such as control panels, exhausts and attenuation, into the basement. The work consisted of erecting and testing a gantry and positioning 4no. 10te air hoists, 2 on each of the beams. We used the site tower crane to offload from the vehicles in a very tight side street that imposed its own issues that had to be overcome. Once the load was at basement level it had to be skated approximately 100m through narrow gaps to its final position. Once positioned we remained on site for a further 2 weeks fitting all the ancillary equipment.

Erecting & testing gantry for 4no. 10te air hoists Hoisting load into basement level Gantry Air Hoist into basement @ LDP Farringdon Road, London Limited access gantry hoist, lowering generators & ancillary equipment to basement Skating load 100m through limited space in basement

Vital Energi - Plant handling including chiller delivery

Bromley South – This site has very limited access and for this particular phase rather than use a mobile crane we opted to use our Scania equipped with a 63te Fassi crane.  We successfully posted this item plus others into the building and skated it to its final position.

Plant movement in Bromley South Plant installation in Bromley South Plant installation with limited access Scania with 63te Fassi crane

Gratte Brothers - Replacing Chillers in Slough

These pictures just show the preparation for the lifts.  The scope was to replace chillers at this location and the challenge was to finding the right size crane to fit the confined location, the safe working load that needed to be achieved and a very low the point loading.

Chiller plant handling Crane hire for chiller lifting Safe plant movement in Slough Safe plant movement in Slough Safe plant movement in Slough