Southend Hospital - Plant delivery and positioning

Clarke Energy (Southend) - Scope was to transport and position a number of items of plant for the new energy centre at Southend Hospital. Types of plant installed were PHE's, fuel tanks, vessels, chillers, switchboards and the photos show the delivery of the generator. The generator positioning could have been challenging due to its dimensions and the room available but with proper planning and measuring prior to the work it was installed within 30 minutes.

Optimum Group - 500te crane in Grosvenor Crescent W1, London

The scope of this work was to dismantle and lift down two cooling towers on two consecutive weekends. We elected to use the 500te crane using its full compliment of fixed fly to give us the radius required.

Vital – Kidbrooke, South London

This particular part of the project was to offload and position all the plant required for the District Heating Scheme Energy Centre comprising of thermal stores, CHP’s and boilers.  The plantroom floor was 3m below ground level and all plant had to be posted and lowered through a small opening.  In addition to this type of plant we also transported, offloaded and positioned electrical equipment such as transformers and switchgear.