Vital Energi - Plant handling including chiller delivery

Bromley South – This site has very limited access and for this particular phase rather than use a mobile crane we opted to use our Scania equipped with a 63te Fassi crane.  We successfully posted this item plus others into the building and skated it to its final position.

Gratte Brothers - Replacing Chillers in Slough

These pictures just show the preparation for the lifts.  The scope was to replace chillers at this location and the challenge was to finding the right size crane to fit the confined location, the safe working load that needed to be achieved and a very low the point loading.

Gratte Brothers - Replacing Rooftop Chillers

Poole – The challenge was to work in a roof space that had been built around the chillers from when they were newly lifted onto the building.  The tolerance between the building and the chiller(s) was at some points less than 5mm.  The photos are the first of 6 separate visits where all the roof top plant was exchanged by ourselves for Gratte Brothers and for Metropolitan.

This was a fairly large project for us however the photos show the chiller exchange element of the work. We organised the road closure with the very helpful people at Poole Council, traffic management/pedestrian safety and obviously the contract lift. The chillers are situated in a small compound on the roof which gave us about 200mm all round. You will see from one of the photos that the piers were under the metal walkway above therefore reducing the 200mm down to near zero on that side.