Accident Investigation

Accident investigation can take up valuable management time and the findings may become prejudiced when carried out internally. 

Simmons prefer to refer to accidents as incidents as approximately 80% of incidents are due to human error.  Thus by definition if an accident could be defined as 'an unplanned, uncontrolled event that gives rise to injury, damage or other loss'  if a safe system of work is followed there should not be an accident. Discussion point.

Our incident investigation team have experience in the crane, plant and equipment industries and have excellent interpersonal skills to draw information from people who may be traumatised by an event and feel unable to provide valuable witness testimony.

We are committed to find the root cause and causal factors of any incident so that a company has an opportunity to identify areas of change, has an opportunity to prioritise and thus learn and develop the business further.

We use Taproot software which provides for great reports and easy to understand flowcharts of the investigation process.

Remember a 'Near Miss' is also an incident that could lead to loss of life, revenue etc therefore please consider us for 'Near Miss' investigations, this should be  considered a business investment.  Be pro-active rather than re-active.

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