workplace risk assessment workshop

Who needs this qualification?

All members of staff who have to carry out risk assessments for their company, construction site, government department, school, college or care setting.

Why is this training important?

In the UK, every company, government department and charity etc has a statutory duty to assess workplace risks that might be present. 

There is legislation in place stating that this assessment must be undertaken by a "competent person". They have to examine business working practices so that they can:

  1. establish what, if any, hazards and threats are attached to these practices;
  2. establish how likely it is that harm could come to the business and its staff and others as a result of these hazards;
  3. identify what action needs to be taken to remove or minimise these threats. 

The course when offered in-house is delivered as a bespoke one; in that it identifies the current hazards that exist within the business and the subsequent controls that are required to ensure the safety, health and well-being of everyone.  Organisations are encouraged to bring along policies and or procedures on this course so the paperwork can be evaluated

For example schools may wish to organise trips out but may feel constrained by legislation, colleges may wish to identify work placements but don't know how to recognise and record their findings from inspections they must carry out. Workers in care settings looking after vulnerable people need to know how to identify controls so that activities and the environment can remain safe. Site managers on construction projects may have to produce a health and safety risk register but are not familiar with the level of detail required and why.

Duration - One day programme
Assessment - Multiple choice examination
Cost - Please contact us

Workplace Risk Assessment Workshop PDF