stress management

Who needs this qualification?

As stress is a natural reaction people have to excessive pressure this course is aimed at both senior management and general workers.  In practice clients tend to run courses for employees that focusses upon awareness, and for those in managerial positions the course will include management techniques to reduce stress in the workplace.

Both courses culminate in relaxation techniques.

Why is this training important?

Stress at work impacts on productivity, staff relations, health and well-being and morale. 

Some stress is unavoidable in many jobs, but in many circumstances stress and its effects can be minimised. 

The course aims to raise people's awareness of

  • how stress at work is caused
  • how to spot the signs and symptoms of stress 
  • how to deal with it and change working practices where possible to minimise the occurrence of stress in the workplace
  • the Risk Assessment approach and how to affect change

The course can be adapted to address both Suicide Prevention and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  PTSD is a common condition today and those affected work in all industries.

We can tailor this course to suit any sector or industry. We are currently running a successful program for the military which incorporates PTSD.

Duration - One day programme
Assessment - Individual self assessment

What previous course participants thought:

"Trainer used own experiences which I felt was very good as it changed my understanding of stress and its relevance"

"The instructors knowledge of PTSD and linking it to his past personal experiences was invaluable"

"I will review working procedures and in doing so carry out a Stress Assessment"

" What a fantastic course, a real eye opener and some good information to go forward with."

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